Leasing expiring in New Sewickley Twp and Economy Borough!

**ATTENTION: NEW SEWICKLEY TWP AND ECONOMY BOROUGH LANDOWNERS!** Leasing in your area will expire as of February 28, 2013, so don’t delay! This may be your last chance to get a lease at $3000/acre!

Counties Currently Leasing

Economy Twp Completes Oil & Gas Amendments

Economy Township has completed the stages of amending their Oil & Gas ordinace as of January 22, 2013.

Marcellus Shale

New Sewickley Oil & Gas Development Meeting

New Sewickley Oil & Gas Development Meeting. Click for further details.

Marcellus Shale

Special Thanks to the Landowners

Northeast wants to send out a special thanks for the overwhelming response at our town hall meetings. We continue to seek landowners within the New Sewickley and Economy regions.

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Butler County Update!

Northeast now expanding into Butler County, seeking landowners in Western Cranberry Township & Western Jackson Township

Counties Currently Leasing

Allegheny County Update!

Northeast now expanding into Allegheny County, seeking landowners in North Western Marhshall Township & any Landowners in Bell Acres

Counties Currently Leasing

Be on the Lookout!

Daugherty Township & Economy Borough residents be on the lookout for your Northeast Mailers to set up your free Oil & Gas rights

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Big Talk in B.C.

Northeast is now in negotiations with a major gas company in southeast Beaver County

Marcellus Shale

Beaver County township orders Chesapeake to stop drilling on farm


Marcellus Shale

3600+ acres in Beaver County

Northeast is currently negotiating a total of 3600+ acres in Beaver County.

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