Leasing expiring in New Sewickley Twp and Economy Borough!

**ATTENTION: NEW SEWICKLEY TWP AND ECONOMY BOROUGH LANDOWNERS!** Leasing in your area will expire as of February 28, 2013, so don’t delay! This may be your last chance to get a lease at $3000/acre!

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3 responses to Leasing expiring in New Sewickley Twp and Economy Borough!

  1. wiliam Bolt

    I purchased my home 17yrs ago and a gas company stopped and asked me to lease my 3.5 acres at $10.00 an acre for 7yrs. for the right to drill a well. I informed the gentlemen that I didn’t know if there was gas on my property and I was’nt aware if I had the gas rights to my property. He informed me that I do own the rights and that there wass alot of gas on my property. I signed the lease and receaved $40 dollars a month for 7yrs and then we heard nothing. ^months later another gas company drilled 30ft. across the street, and we got nothing. I was told that all property owners in the imediate area should get compensate for that gas.I think the company drilled down so far and then cut under the street and is sucking the gas out from under my property. I not sure and can’t prove it but thats what I feel. My question is, should I be getting any compensation for the gas that I know was under my property? I live in North Huntingdon, Pa. 15642 pLEASE GET BACK TO ME ON THIS SUBJECT.

    • William,
      When gas companies drill gas and oil wells, they put together a block of land called a unit. Not every property owner in the area is part of this unit, even though the well that was drilled is very close to you, your property may not have fell into this particular unit. You can contact the Pennsylvania DEP and give them the name of the gas company and the location of the well and they should be able to tell you if you are part of that unit. If you feel that you should be compensated in any way, you would seek legal advice.

  2. wayne

    Wold like to hear from others in economy boro if they have contacted an attorney on this matter. Perhaps a block of residence could share in the legal cost.

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