More Signing in B.C.

Northeast NRAB picks up 91 more acres in Beaver County March 29 – April 4

Recent Acquistions

More in Beaver County

Northeast has recently acquired an additional 217.43 acres in North Sewickley and Franklin Township in Beaver County.

Recent Acquistions

New Sewickley Update

Northeast now is proudly representing over 2000+ acres in New Sewickley!

Counties Currently Leasing

So what’s the rush to drill for gas?

Here is an article by the Post Gazette explaining the reasoning for the huge spike in drilling in local areas recently. So what’s the rush to drill for gas?

Marcellus Shale

$3000 Per Acre for qualifying counties

In the counties of New Sewickley, Economy Borough, Marshall, Franklin Park, Harmony, Baden and Cranberry, current lease offers are at an all time high at over $3000 per acre with the highest royalty percentages in all of Beaver County.

Counties Currently Leasing

Happy Holidays from Northeast NRAB

To all of our customers, family, friends and neighbors, from here at Northeast NRAB we wish all of you Happy Holidays.

Marcellus Shale

Questions regarding Utica Shale

Any questions regarding Utica Shale can be asked here and we will respond with th proper answer as soon as possible.

Utica Shale

Now signing the current counties

Here is a list of the current counties that are now being leased by Northeast. PA: Beaver, Butler, and Lawrence counties. OH: Columbiana, Harrison, and Mahoning counties. We also offer leasing and consulting for other surrounding counties by request. Please contact 724-359-5035 for additional information or go to

Counties Currently Leasing

In need of an agent?

Are you thinking about signing or resigning a gas lease? Do you currently have a gas lease? Did you feel cheated on your last lease? Do you need help getting out of your current gas lease? Do you need representation? If so, Northeast Natural Resources Advisory Board is here for you! Northeast prides themselves in representing the individual land owner not the gas companies so you get top dollar per acre and the highest royalties for your land. Check us out at or call us today at 724-359-5035.

Marcellus Shale