Our Team

Built by landowners, in the efforts to help fellow landowners. Our system starts from the top, headed by President Mr. Jarett Svihra and followed up by a team of very motivated task oriented employees is the key to Northeast’s success. Mr. John Rounds, a long-time key employee of another business owned and operated by the Svihra family was immediately appointed to assist in the projects of building these mass acreage blocks within Pennsylvania and Ohio. Jason Benetti, another key employee has recently been added to continue aid in the Growth of Northeast. Jason, with education in both Environmental Science and a BS in Human Resources was the perfect fit to support Northeast’s current growth needs. If anything, we have learned with over 40 years of business success, appointing the appropriate personnel in areas of their strong suit will help our clientele achieve the results that are expected from our team.

Why We Did It Again

The Svihra family has been developing niche oriented businesses for 40 years now, so why start something new? In short, for the same reason you are currently seeking help through the gas leasing process, we made the same mistakes and certainly learned from it. With the immediate family owning close to 1,000 acres we were skeptical and eased slowly into the gas leasing but even still signed some of our property to undervalued leases with gas developer friendly terms. After realizing how difficult the Oil & Gas leasing process has proven to be, even business savvy professionals, we decided to develop a system for landowners. By building mass acreage blocks changes a standard industry practice which gives landowners the leverage needed to obtain heightened initial lease offers. This typically includes higher signing bonuses, higher royalty and much better lease terms. At that time we advise our clients to seek legal counsel to evaluate the offer.

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